Loading and Saving

How is Data Saved in Row64?

Row64 is designed to save more like a development environment (IDE) rather than a traditional spreadsheet program like Excel. The data load and save functions were built mainly with speed and efficiency in mind.

Row64 is a multi-file based system designed to handle data science projects from hundreds of records to billions. An example of this approach is the multi-file systems used by GitHub and Python in data science projects.

Row64 integrates the spreadsheet with Python. Having an organized environment for your files will remove confusion for spreadsheet work blended with Python.

Row64 Project Structure

When you work on data without saving, Row64 automatically
makes a project folder in your local directory:

For example:

C:\Users[user name]\Documents\Row64

When you save it will copy it over to your new save location.

If you want to send your project to a colleague or someone you work with, just compress the file in a .zip package and send it. We will likely put in an automated tool to do this in the future.

What are the Advantages of a Multi-File System?

Stack Exchange Discussion Reference:

  • It is easier to navigate than scroll through one large file.
  • Recompiling works only on files related to program changes.
  • Various parts of the program can be coded by different authors.
  • Code from some files may be packaged into libraries for future reuse.

Often times, there are a lot of technical reasons behind using multiple files when writing large and complex systems .

In a multi-file program, data science files can be divided up by individual snippets of work. Row64 was developed to be a spreadsheet workspace software.


  • Tested to be 100x times faster versus other spreadsheet software

  • Other spreadsheet software (including Excel) works with .zip files and you must always wait to load them. This is part of the the reason most spreadsheet software are limited to 1 million files.

  • Row64 can load 1 billion records and the file structure is part of this power.