How To Open Examples Provided on Gallery on Row64 Website?

I’m getting this error when I drag and drop the Geo_BigData download from the gallery on the site. Any advice? I’m running a RTX 2060 Super Max with updated drivers… Not sure why it’s not loading.

Look’s to me that you are dragging a project that is too low in the project’s File Hierarchy. (you are opening a parent directory rather than the actual project directory)

In order to properly open the Example Projects, follow these instructions after a proper download and install.

(1) Unzip the file. It is important to do so. If your destination path has a path that contains a “.zip” will not work. If you see “.zip” it means you haven’t unzipped the project.
(2) After unzipping, find the Project folder that you wish to see by clicking “Open Project” then navigating to the Project you wish to open. To confirm that you are in the right folder, ALL Row64 projects will contain 6 subfolders:

  • Settings
  • Sheets_Chart
  • Sheets_Dataframe
  • Sheets_Import
  • Sheets_Notebook
  • Sheets_Work

If you see these six subfolders, you are in a Row64 Enabled Project and will be able to load the example into the software.

Let me know if that works.