Get Started: Row64 for Python Users

What does Row64 mean to Python Users?

Row64 utilizes a built-on editor that access python libraries such as Pandas and works in real-time as you code.

The UI is interactive with a built in script compiler which melds Pandas, Python, and spreadsheet capabilities into one.

Quick Tips to Get Started:

  1. Open Row64 and navigate to the Dataframe tab.

  2. Select “New Dataframe” and click “Edit” to begin scripting and using the built-in scripter.

  3. To use Row64’s built in formulas and data generation, select “Presets” to browse a variety of formats.


Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 11.38.50 AM TIP: These recipes use Python to load data. If you want to load large datasets over 1 million records, go to the top bar and use the Import tab.

  1. Selecting “Formula,” “Python,” or “Both” in the Language section allows alternative views of how your scripting generates python to compile.

  2. Click “Run Script” when done editing to see results in realtime.


What are some Key Features?