GeoAnalysis & Mapping

What is the GeoAnalysis Tab?

Row64 uses ray-tracing in a way that generates a virtual globe that can be mapped to .CSV data when showing marketing trends across the world.

Quick Tips to Get Started:

  1. Open Row64 and navigate to the Chart tab.

  2. Select “New GeoAnalysis” to bring up the generation menu as shown below.

Geo Formatting allows customization of the globe’s colors while the different Geo Presets signify color schemes.

  1. Once satisfied with how your globe will appear, select “Create” to render it.

  2. If you have an imported dataset, you can enable dual-view with the icons in the bottom-right corner.

  1. Switch to the Chart tab and select the Data Labels button to open up options for data overlays.

  1. Under the Datashader Options section, you can link your Dataframe sheet containing longitude and latitude data as well as change the look and feel of the data overlay.

For a more detailed overview on GeoAnalysis, check out this video:


• Display and filter over 50 million records at over 60 FPS

• Next generation heat maps and ray traced graphics.

• Filter Geo data with Row64’s record-breaking search and filter speeds.

• Presets include color, shading, and lighting adjustments with real-time ray tracing.