Data Investigation

What is exactly is Data Investigation in Row64?

Row64 is able to import and load large datasets and utilize wildcard comprehension when searching for information.

No preprocessing means near-instantaneous files and information searches at high speeds.

Quick Tips to Access Investigation Tools:

  1. Open Row64 and navigate to the Import tab.

  2. Choose either “Automatic Import” or “Detailed Import” under “Import Data” depending on how large or complex your data is (Detailed is recommended).

  3. Select “Run Diagnostic” to generate a summarization of your data and to enable initial changes such as row and column names.

  4. Select “Complete Import” to enable editing of your data through a dataframe container.

  5. You can immediately begin searching through Row64’s search bar by clicking a column letter as shown below:

tip TIP: The Search Bar allows for searching numbers with math symbols ( >, <, >=, <=) or text with logic such as “AND”, “OR”.

  1. Within the editing terminal in the Dataframe tab, there are 3 wildcard functions usable in any formulas you use:

    • Asterisk (*) - zero or more characters
    • Question mark (?) - any one character
    • Tilde (~) escape for literal character (~*) a literal question mark(~?), or a literal tilde (~~).

A more detailed video that explores more of the entirety of Row64’s data investigation features below:


• Record breaking speed at loading and working with large files (over 500M records)

• GPUs can do wildcard matches up to 250X faster than C++ on the CPU

• Familiar spreadsheet UI with easy & powerful pattern matching

• Row64 GPU Wildcard search is up to 250X faster than standard C++

• Most search bars focus on only 20 characters - Row64: unlimited

• No preprocessing